Line of Sight & Duane Barry – Machina Mori

Progressive breakers English Duane Barry and Bulgarian Line of Sight join forces to create a mechanical and melodic breaks track. Hungarian maestro Retroid gives his techy interpretation whilst Spanish Destroyers tear the roof off!


Bobalino: As you know i was a very lucky man to receive the original many moons ago, have used in one of mixes, played out ect ect ect, So in other words think its just pure quality,
i love seeing producers join their dots together to see what comes out, you 2 really have made a classic here (well in boba’s world you have), love the tuffness of the beats and bass
with the atmospherics and melodies, this is how tunes should be made, keep the beats tuff and the music as music layered over the top 10/10 awesome end to the year.
Retroid remix is sweet, 2nd half is superb and epic, i prefere the original but will be supporting this version as well, 9/10.
Destroyers remix is a wicked remix 8/10
Overall a fantastic package there, all very different from each other, but the original is so doing it for me and has done since you sent it many moons ago :)
Home Alone: “Love all 3 mixes. Original is my pick but i may support all 3 :)

Elektroshok Records: great support for me bro! I like all the songs!

I love the melodies and atmosphere of the original song is beautiful. the remix of retroid is very good, I love your strength, but my favorite is the remix of destroyers! the song is very strong and very danceable. TOP 10!

LuQas: “Very strong release here – all 3 are good, love the bass in the original. Support from me!”

UnderThis: “MASSIVE!!! Really diggin` all 3 mixes. One of the best DSUK releases to date. Full support from here. Thanks!”

Sketi: “Destroyers remix kills it for me. Will be playing this lots. :D

Yanix: “Really good package. All three tracks are cool, but I think the original mix is the winner for me with that awesome bass. Great way to end the year, nice one DSUK.”

Embliss: “Awesome!”

VIM Records: “This is a really great package. all 3 tracks are awesome!! Original is really great, RETROID did an epic burner remix and DESTROYERS blow me away with the techy fills…full support!!”

Pooty Club Records: “Great release! As soon as I listened it some weeks ago, I fell in love with Destroyer’s remix. Big ups DSUK, always keeping this great work.”

Felix Stone: “Nice release! Really into the Destroyers remix, but full support over here.”

Abdomen Burst: “All three mixes are really nice. Thanks”

Slang: “Original is the one for me here! Killer bassline :)

Andy Faze: Massive release this one. Wow! The original mix is a real nice fusion of styles, quite dark yet melodic in the second part :) The Retroid remix is just fkn epic, and the Destroyers take is banging!! Full support!

Definition: Breaks: “The Destroyers remix is definitely the one for me – its a good remix which really tears it up to another level. Full support.”

James Warren: “Fine ep. All 3 offer something different but love the Retroid with that extra melodic element.”

Fletric: “Another strong release from DSUK. I love all three mixes. Cheers !”

Llupa: “cool variation across the tunes – something for everyone. Hard to choose a fave, so I won’t as all will fit different sets… full support here. great way to round out a solid year !”

Bill Vega: “Awesome release, all 3 are sweet as a nut son ;)

Ghettface: “Destroyers remix and the original are full on blaze”

Glack Audio: “Original version for me.”

Faskil: “Original & Retroid for me. Great stuff.”